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Game Information
Game Rules: All games are played under current NCAA rules, with any exceptions listed below. Main points are also listed below.

Visit the NCAA web site for the NCAA Basketball Rules and Interpretations

Clock: (2) 20-minute halves, full stop time (clock stops on all referee whistles)
Overtime: 5-minute overtime period, full stop time (clock stops on all referee whistles)
Time Outs: (4) full time outs and (2) 30-second time outs per game, (1) extra full time out per overtime period
3-Point Line: College 3-point line will be used, if marked on the court. Otherwise, high school 3-point line will be used.
Shot Clock:
  • Regular Season Games: Not used.
  • NCNAU and State Finals: 35-second shot clock is turned on at the next dead ball after a request by either team.
Fouls: All fouls are counted as team fouls, with the exception of technical fouls.
Free Throws: 1-and-1 awarded on the 7th team foul. 2 shots awarded on the 10th team foul.
Disqualification: A total of (5) personal and technical fouls, or (2) technical fouls.
Score Sheet Information
  • Only players participating in the game should be listed on the score sheet.
  • First name, last name and uniform number for each player should be listed on the score sheet.
Technical Fouls: A "T" should be written in the Fouls section for the player that receives a technical foul. The reason for the technical (e.g. "#32 technical for arguing with referee") should be added on the scoresheet, wherever there is room.
  • Top copy (white) - home team sends to league coordinator
  • 2nd copy (yellow) - visiting team sends to league coordinator
  • 3rd copy (red) - home team retains for their records
  • 4th copy (gold) - visiting team retains for their records

Please send score sheets to:

5632 Jefferson Ave.
Richmond, CA 94804

Roster Additions
Last Day to Add Players: February 14th, 2011
PDF Format: (download)