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Northern California Nisei Athletic Union

The Northern California Nisei Athletic Union (NCNAU) Basketball League has been dedicated to provide the Japanese-American community with spirited and friendly competition for over 70 years. Also known as the "A" division, the NCNAU is mostly comprised of former members of youth basketball leagues such as the East Bay Youth Athletic League (EBYAL), the Nikkei Youth Basketball Association, (NYBA), the Northern California Church League (NCCL), and the Asian Community Basketball Association (ACBA), among others.

Together with the Southern California Nisei Athletic Union (SCNAU), the two organizations form the Nisei Athletic Union (NAU). Established in 1931 as the Japanese Athletic Union (JAU), the NAU is the oldest and largest Japanese-American basketball league in California. Each year, the champions of the four divisions from the North and South gather to determine a State Champion.

The purpose of our web site is to not only inform players of the current season, but to also share the rich history of the league - most importantly, the teams and the players that have shaped Japanese-American basketball in California.

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